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Surgery Center

Одна из операционных Центра хирургии Клиники Спиженко

Modern tumor surgery, contrary to a popular belief, is neither a competitor to more innovative methods (radiotherapy, radiosurgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, etc.) nor an outdated method of treatment.

A complex cancer care in most cases looks like this: surgical removal of the tumor followed by irradiation of the boundaries of its contact with the body on a linear accelerator, followed by chemotherapy to combat micrometastases and radiosurgery of larger metastases.

Thus, the health of the patient depends on the surgeon’s qualification, the accuracy of the preparation for the operation, the modernity of the operating equipment and the competence of conducting in the postoperative period. Thus, the Spizhenko Clinic created its own Surgery center with the utmost attention to each of the components of surgical treatment.

Equipment of the Surgery Center of the Spizhenko Clinic

Modern operating rooms, equipped with the latest equipment and auxiliary systems, qualified specialists with many years of experience, which are constantly improved their quality through participation in various seminars and conferences, including international ones. Conducted tumor surgeries provide indicators of effectiveness at the level of leading foreign oncological centers.

Laparoscopy is a modern type of surgery (surgical treatment technology, in which there is no large incision for access, instead the surgeon operates inside the body cavity with special instruments under the control of a miniature video camera that transmits a high-quality image to the monitor).

The modern equipment of the operating rooms of the Surgical Center of the Spizhenko Clinic allows carrying out up to 95% of all surgical interventions for thoracic, abdominal, gynecological and urological surgery using laparoscopy (endoscopic surgery).

Оперирует Сильвестров Максим Александрович, руководитель Центра хирургии Клиники Спиженко, хирург, онколог высшей категории

All the ward chambers of the Surgery Center of the Spizhenko Clinic are equipped with everything necessary to monitor the patients’ condition. The rooms have everything that could make patients to feel like in an exquisite hotel — design style, convenience, and the possibility of relatives staying.

Tumor surgery as a part of a combination of cancer treatment

The development of tactics of tumor treatment and preparation for surgical interventions is carried out in close interdisciplinary contact with all the doctors who will provide complementary treatment — chemotherapy, radiosurgery on CyberKnife, radiation treatment.

Precise preoperative diagnostics meet the most modern requirements, even enough to ensure submillimetric accuracy of CyberKnife. Therefore, for the surgeons of the Spizhenko Clinic a digital three-dimensional models of the relative location of the tumor and healthy tissues are available.

Using the 3D model of the tumor in preparation for surgery allows the most complete removal of the tumor while maintaining a significant number of healthy tissues.

The need for surgical intervention most often indicates that the tumor has already developed in the body during a considerable time. Therefore, we invite you to take part in the program of regular preventive examinations, implemented by the Spizhenko Clinic.