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Radiosurgery Center

Radiosurgery is a method of non-surgical (bloodless) treatment of tumors by exposure of ionizing radiation, leading to biological death of tumor cells. CyberKnife is the most advanced development of radiosurgery. Stereotactic radiosurgery with the CyberKnife is an effective combination of the most powerful computer systems, software, medical physics and robotics. The required dose of ionizing radiation from the compact linear accelerator, included in the CyberKnife complex, will be uniformly supplied into each cubic millimeter of the volume to be treated.

КиберНож в Центре радиохирургии «Клиники Спиженко»

CyberKnife in the Radiosurgery Center of the Spizhenko Clinic

CyberKnife is successfully used also for treatment of certain non-oncological diseases (AVM, cavernoma, trigeminal neuralgia, etc.) in the Spizhenko Clinic.

What is the peculiarity of cancer treatment with the CyberKnife?

A digital spatial model is created for locating the site to be treated with CyberKnife and the surrounding tissues to which a non-hazardous dose of radiation is allowed, to accurately introduce the dose. But even the so-called «tolerated dose» should be completely eliminated for some tissues like the brain trunk, salivary glands, lens of the eye, etc.

To create the model, preliminary research data are used — CT scanning (computed tomography), high-precision MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), etc. All researches in the Spizhenko Clinic are performed on its own territory, in the Diagnostic Center equipped with modern equipment.

Qualification of all specialists of the Radiosurgery Center of the Spizhenko Clinic allows to realize the maximum potential of the CyberKnife complex. Radiologists, radiation therapists, oncologists, medical physicists, constantly being in close contact with a patient, provide a fast and effective treatment of various tumors.

An active participation in the global community of specialists in radiosurgery allows not only carrying out a treatment according to the methods developed by the world’s best specialists in this field, but also to develop and implement our own innovations that have been supported and approved by foreign colleagues who also use the experience of the Spizhenko Clinic.

What types of cancers or areas of the body can the CyberKnife treat?

The CyberKnife System has been successfully used to treat conditions throughout the body, including prostate, lung, brain, spine, head and neck, liver, pancreas and kidney. Among the most popular programs are organ-preserving treatments of kidney tumors, including cancer of a single kidney, treatment of melanoma of the choroid (melanoma of the eye) without organ removal and with preservation of visual acuity, treatment of liver tumors and metastases, etc.

The CyberKnife’s capabilities could be complemented, if necessary, by modern radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and surgical care. Each treatment program is unique for a certain patient. Therefore, contact the Spizhenko Clinic without losing precious time for any in oncological care.