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Plastic Surgery Center

A plastic surgery after oncology treatment performs the adjusting of the aesthetic problems that appear during surgical intervention. The emergence of a separate direction of plastic surgery in the Spizhenko Clinic is caused by the quality of cancer treatment, as well as by the life quality of patients who have overcome cancer.

Центр пластической хирургии «Клиники Спиженко» — все аспекты онкологической помощи

Most often, the services of the Center for Plastic Surgery are used by patients who underwent surgical treatment of breast cancer. In these cases the involvement of a plastic surgeon is highly desirable, and this corresponds to the world practice of leading oncological centers.

The plastic surgeon starts treatment simultaneously with the surgical oncologist

Due to the fact that the plastic surgeon is a part of the interdisciplinary consultation of doctors, which examines the case of each patient, a minimization of cosmetic defects after treatment is planned to at the planning stage of treatment tactics. In case the patient is assigned a surgical removal of the tumor, which, due to some indications, cannot be performed by an organ-preserving method, such an approach allows to provide a more sparing amount of future plastic correction without detriment to the effectiveness of treatment.