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On-line consultation

For a free consultation from our Clinky specialists, please fill out the form. Adding files with as much detail as possible (analysis results, data from CDs, MRIs, PETs and their description, excerpts from the history of the disease, etc.) will make our answer faster and more complete.

To get consultation, fill out the form

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Online consultation of a neurosurgeon and an oncologist

Free consultation of an oncologist opens wide opportunities, all of which are aimed at increasing the effectiveness of treatment. First of all, it allows to get a preliminary opinion of a specialist without visiting the oncology center "Cyber ​​Clinic Spizhenko" in Kiev, which will be convenient for patients from other cities and countries.

Also a free consultation of an oncologist (oncologist-neurosurgeon, oncologist-dermatologist, etc.) allows you to quickly get a "second opinion" - before starting treatment in another clinic, check the correctness of the diagnosis and the adequacy of the prescribed treatment.

Online consultation on the site "Cyber ​​Clinic Spizhenko" is provided free of charge, the response to the appeal will be sent as soon as possible, patients' requests for a free consultation are processed on a first come, first served basis.