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Combined therapy

Combined radiological treatment of primary and secondary tumors involves the use of stereotactic radiosurgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy in a single treatment cycle. This non-invasive (bloodless) method requires a careful planning of the entire course of treatment based on accurate preliminary research data with the help of hardware complexes (CT, MRI, PET or analogues). Such a combined treatment within a single medical center is available only at the Spizhenko Clinic — the only full-cycle radiological clinic in Eastern Europe. We have a unique opportunity to combine stereotactic radiosurgery with CyberKnife with radiotherapy on the linear accelerator Elekta Synergy and a modern chemotherapy under total control of our own high-tech diagnostic base (modern Computed Tomography 16 Slice Scanner Toshiba, Toshiba Magnetic Tonograph 1.5 T Vantage Atlas). The use of such an innovative treatment technique can completely cure cancer and significantly improve the patient’s quality of life.

Планирование лечения в Кибер Клинике Спиженко Радиохирургическое лечение на КиберНоже (CyberKnife G4)
Линейный ускоритель Электа Синержи (Elekta Synergy) Центр химиотерапии в Клинике Спиженко


Radical program of radiation treatment assumes differentiated irradiation of a primary focus, infiltration zones around it and areas near the primary site (regional metastasis). The implementation of this program is provided by the capabilities of the linear accelerator: radiation therapy is supplemented with 1-3 irradiation sessions with CyberKnife in the case of common processes (stage III) and radioresistant forms of tumors. The high accuracy of dose implementation inside a malignant tumor can significantly improve the effectiveness of treatment, while the radiation exposure on the healthy tissue does not increase. The individual chemotherapy course will complete the treatment process. Combined radiological treatment is the best choice for an oncologist nowadays, but nevertheless, it is not a standardized method. The decision on its implementation is made by a consultation of the doctors of our Clinic with mandatory consideration of all individual clinical indications and objective data on the patient’s condition.