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Chemotherapy in the Spizhenko Clinic

Chemotherapy is the general name for the cancer treatment with the help of pharmacological drugs. During the chemotherapy antineoplastic drugs, that have the ability to kill cancer cells, control their growth or relieve pain symptoms, are obtained by the patient.

The chemotherapy cost is calculated individually for each patient of the Chemotherapy Center of the Spizhenko Clinic and depends on the type and quantities of drugs needed (this is determined according to the type, prevalence of the disease, biometric parameters of the patient), and the duration of the treatment. The center of chemotherapy of the Spizhenko Clinic is a centre of excellence for cancer care fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for carrying out any type of the chemotherapy for tumor diseases.

However, considering the unique (including Europe) concentration of advanced treatment methods of oncological diseases at one clinic (the radiosurgical complex CyberKnife and the modern linear accelerator Elekta), сhemotherapy is most commonly used as a part of a combined treatment complex.

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (performed before surgical, radiosurgical or radiotherapy), as well as adjuvant chemotherapy (expected after removal of the tumor, and after radiosurgery or radiotherapy of the tumor or metastases) are performed using the most advanced chemotherapy drugs. This approach allows to achieve maximum effectiveness of the complex cancer treatment with a decreased dose of chemotherapy drugs, which also makes the chemotherapy cost significantly lower.

The complex treatment of tumor metastases, which uses a combination of CyberKnife and modern chemotherapy, should be noted. CyberKnife with a minimal radiation exposure on healthy tissues and a short treatment course (1-2 sessions) bloodlessly destroys large metastases, and (easier) chemotherapy, that carried out in adequate doses, fights against micrometastases that spread throughout the body, which due to their extremely small size cannot be seen even by precision diagnostic devices.

Chemotherapy in the Spizhenko Clinic

The optimal chemotherapy schedule is determined by a doctor for each individual case, considering a number of factors for a particular patient. The most important among these factors are the localization of the tumor, its type and prevalence, as well as the overall health of the patient.

Chemotherapy is not carried out according to the same scheme for all patients: the optimal dose and the type of antitumor drugs are selected individually in each case.