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Methods of treatment in the Spizhenko clinic

The Spizhenko clinic suggests a full program of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our doctors have all modern methods of treatment at their disposal, the combination of which allows the patients of the Clinic to provide effective oncological assistance in combating tumor diseases and their consequences.

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CyberKnife (CyberKnife G4) - radiosurgery

The robotic radiosurgical system CyberKnife is a bloodless alternative to surgery and neurosurgery in the treatment of cancer. CyberKnife with a true robotic precision can treat cancerous and non-cancerous tumors throughout the body, including tumors of the brain, spine, lungs, prostate, kidneys, liver, pancreas, etc.

The CyberKnife benefits are:

  • pain-free bloodless treatment without incisions
  • 0,5 mm – high-precision impact on the pathological focus
  • the possibility of treating multiple metastases during one procedure
  • speed and convenience of treatment (1-5 days of outpatient treatment)
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Elekta Synergy - high-precision radiotherapy, electron therapy

High-precision radiation therapy is an integral part of modern cancer treatment. In the Clinic, Spizhenko is conducted on the Elekta Synergy linear accelerator, which allows to irradiate only the tumor with photons, protecting healthy body tissues (IMRT technology) from high radiation dose. The peculiarity of our equipment is an additional possibility of electron therapy for the treatment of skin cancers, in which the dose of irradiation is concentrated in the upper layers of the skin.

  • photon radiation therapy and electron beam therapy in a single linear accelerator
  • multi-lobed collimator for specifying the exact shape of the beam
  • functions of 3D-CRT, IMRT, IGRT
  • accurate calculation of the plan for combined irradiation CyberKnife + Linear Accelerator

Modern antitumor therapy, conducting according to generally accepted standards in the world, is offered to patients of the Clinic; a personified targeted therapy, based on molecular tumor analysis, is used; on the basis of the Clinic a centre for clinical trials has been created.

Modern equipment for the administration of chemo treatments, comfortable chambers, which are more like rooms of a hotel than a hospital, high-quality medical personnel that take into account the psychological aspects of communicating with oncology patients, allow making the treatment more comfortable and effective.


Modern tumor surgery is not a competitor to other therapies, but thanks to the improvement of the method in minimizing the amounts of normal tissue removed during cancer operations, it is rather an integral part of the combined treatment. This allows combining the strengths of each of the methods to achieve the main goal - the victory over the tumor and its consequences.

The Spizhenko Clinic applies all the achievements of modern tumor surgery, both in the methodology of the most sparing surgical procedures and in material equipment, so that a combination of methods will achieve the maximum therapeutic effect.

Combination therapy

Doctors of the Spizhenko Clinic apply a proven approach treatment to fight for the health of our patients by combining different methods to achieve maximum therapeutic effect and preserve the quality of life after the treatment.