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What documents are needed to visit the Clinic for the first time, or to undergo diagnostics/treatment

The only obligatory document for the first visit to the Spizhenko Clinic is the patient’s passport. In case a patient relative consults with a doctor, his/her passport will be required for registration of the results of the consultation, as well as for identification when receiving the results of studies, conclusions, etc. But try to take with you the fullest possible list of documents related to consultations, diagnostics and treatment received earlier — this will help the specialist of the Clinic to get maximum information about a particular case of the disease, and also save time and money of patients.

Therefore, it is highly desirable to have such documents when visiting the Clinic:

  • A medical history or an extract from a medical history with a preliminary diagnosis, performed by surgery or radiotherapy;
  • The results of previous examinations (X-ray pictures, CT, MRI, ultrasound, PET, mammography, histological analysis); the data can be contained on digital media (CD / DVD discs, USB-drives), and also be printed in paper version;
  • data of morphological, cytological or pathohistological conclusions with or without description;
  • the conclusion of the therapist with the indication of concomitant chronic diseases;
  • laboratory data on blood, urine and other biological materials;
  • detailed description of the radiation treatment previously received by the patient (the indication of the apparatus on which the irradiation was carried out, the size and location of the irradiation fields, single and total doses of radiation, the time and duration of the course of treatment, etc.);
  • other documents relating to diagnosis and treatment.