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Information for Patient

Oncology and Radiosurgery Center of the Spizhenko Clinic is the most authoritative and dynamically developing clinic, one of the best oncoradiological clinics in Europe.

The Spizhenko Clinic is accredited by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine for the highest qualification category. This is the only private radiology clinic of the full cycle, carrying out all types of radial combined treatment (including CyberKnife radiosurgery), chemotherapy and surgical treatment of oncology. Our Clinic has technical, software, medical and intellectual base that allows all types of modern diagnosis and radiation treatment of tumors of any localization.

Before taking the course of treatment, each patient is consulted by doctors and specialists of the Clinic. There is a possibility of free (online consultation, video chat), and full-time consultation, which results to the development of a further treatment strategy.

Информация для пациентов Клиники Спиженко

From your first visit to the Spizhenko Clinic, you are assigned a personal curator who will accompany you throughout the treatment, as well as during the postoperative period, to coordinate the process of treatment and diagnosis. We understand that the disease is a difficult time for you and your loved ones. Every doctor and specialist of the Clinic will do the best to help you. We do not have standardized approaches: each patient for us is unique, each treatment plan is developed taking into account the individual characteristics of both the patient himself and his medical history. We work as one team, and the patient is the main member of this team.

Thanks to the high international authority of the Spizhenko Clinic, a significant part of our patients are citizens of foreign countries. There are a number of additional services for them: we can help to organize accommodation, provide an interpreter, provide a transfer and, in some cases, pay for the flight / travel of the patient.

Our main task is to make the treatment of the patient effective, and the stay at the Clinic as comfortable as possible!