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Diagnosing Cancer

The Center of Oncology and Radiosurgery of the Spizhenko Clinic is equipped with the latest world-class equipment that allows to conduct a full range of diagnostic procedures:

  • CT scaning (computed tomography with or without contrast)
  • MRI scaning (magnetic resonance imaging)
  • PET diagnostics (analogue of positron emission tomography, combined with CT and MRI scanning of the whole body)
  • Ultrasound diagnosis
  • Cancer screening
  • Laboratory research, incl. histological examination of blood and tissue samples

Диагностика рака и онкологических заболеваний в Киеве

Thanks to the availability of state-of-the-art equipment and qualified diagnostic doctors, the Spizhenko Clinic successfully solves all the main tasks for the effective detection and cancer treatment:

  • early cancer diagnosis (harmless preventive diagnostics of the whole body — cancer screening);
  • complex cancer diagnostics (tumors and metastases) for choosing the most effective treatment;
  • diagnostics providing the accuracy of radiosurgical cancer treatment (monitoring during treatment courses, including continuous diagnostic monitoring during the radiosurgery with the Cyber-Knife system);
  • cancer diagnosis for the effective therapy (regular control examinations after cancer treatment).

Technical support of cancer diagnostics in the Spizhenko Clinic

A high accuracy of diagnostics of oncological diseases in our Clinic is provided by modern models of medical equipment, recognized by doctors all over the world.

A unique complex of magnetic resonance imaging based on a high-field tomograph Toshiba VANTAGE ATLAS 1.5T

Our Clinic has a 1.5 T device for MRI-diagnostics with ultrashort gentry, which is the most popular scanner in the US and Japan. The resolution of the MRI diagnostic complexes with 1.5 Tesla field is the world gold standard for the diagnosis of cancer of any localization. Early preventive MRI-diagnosis of cancer is carried out on this device — cancer screening. Our MRI complex has a unique ability to obtain diffusion-weighted images of the entire body (PET analog), but without radiation exposure to the patient.

Магнитно-резонансный томограф Toshiba 1,5 T Vantage Atlas в Клинике Спиженко

16-slice CT scanner (Toshiba – Activion scanner) bolus injection and 1 mm step.

Toshiba scanner is a modern apparatus for quick and safe (with minimal radiation exposure) CT scanner. Thanks to it, the Spizhenko Clinic provides a full range of diagnostic studies of the whole body, including detailed 3D reconstruction and CT angiogram.

During the work of the Spizhenko Clinic, our specialists have accumulated a rich practical experience in the diagnosis of cancer diseases of various stages and location. This allows patients who have been diagnosed or treated at other oncology centers to contact the Spizhenko Clinic for a «second opinion». Our specialists can study the research materials provided by you and prepare their own conclusion, as well as provide comments on the quality of the available images of MRI and CT examinations, performed in other medical institutions, and suggest, if needed, an additional diagnostics.

In addition, the Spizhenko Clinic provides a quality control of tumor treatment performed in other medical institutions.

Additional opportunities for patients of the Oncology and Radiosurgery Center of the Spizhenko Clinic

The oncology clinic is equipped with a modern telemedicine center for rapid and effective exchange of information with leading cancer specialists from around the world.

Patients of the Spizhenko Clinic have an access to remote communication with specialists:

  • to send diagnostic data (MRI and CT) and get an oncologist’s answer within 24-48 hours;
  • to get an on-line consultation with oncologist in video conference mode;
  • to leave an application for the diagnosis and cancer treatment;
  • to consult with the Clinic after the treatment.