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Consultations at the Spizhenko Clinic

Oncology and Radiosurgery Center at the Spizhenko Clinic guarantees you an accurate examination and effective treatment of cancer.

You need to get an advice of our specialists regarding the diagnosis and possible therapies (radiosurgery with the CyberKnife, radiotherapy on the linear accelerator, chemotherapy, surgery, combined treatment, etc.) before taking an anti-cancer treatment course at the Spizhenko Clinic.

The cost of the primary consultation depends on the profile of the specialist (it is possible to clarified by contacting the specified telephones of the Clinic).

Консультация в Клинике Спиженко

Doctors-consultants in our clinic are the highest level experts, and the diagnostic equipment and methods used will allow to put the most accurate, or clarify the already existing, diagnosis. This will help the medical council to develop the most effective therapy plan and prescribe the time of the beginning of treatment. And remember: previously established diagnoses are not always confirmed!

What you need to know and have on a primary consultation at the Spizhenko Clinic

  • A medical history or an extract from a medical history with a preliminary diagnosis, performed by surgery or radiotherapy
  • The results of previous examinations (X-ray pictures, CT, MRI, ultrasound, PET, mammography, histological analysis)
  • Information about concomitant illnesses
  • The list of drugs that are taken at this time
  • It is advisable to come for a consultation with a family member, or a close person, who will help to make notes and ask questions
  • Write down questions of your interest in advance, before the consultation

A primary consultation at the Spizhenko Clinic is the first step to recovery!

At the Spizhenko Clinic you also have the opportunity of free consultation:

  • Online consultation. Fill out the form on our website and you will receive a qualified opinion of our doctors.
  • Video consultation. Use the video chat to ask questions and you will receive the competent opinion of our specialists.
  • Free internal consultation. Sign up for an appointment by phone and receive a primary consultation of a oncology specialist for free.

If our doctor decides that the patient needs further treatment at the Spizhenko Clinic, the patient can be enrolled for a clinic examination that will help to plan further treatment.