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Clinical trails

Scientific activity, including participation in large-scale international clinical trials, is not only the contribution of each clinic to the struggle for the health of its patients, but also the participation in global initiatives that will give a chance for recovery to millions of patients around the world.

The Spizhenko Clinic is an active participant of the international professional oncological community, and also conducts clinical trials on its own basis in partnership with the world’s leading companies developing new methods, technologies and drugs for the cancer treatment.

Having its own clinical base, qualified doctors and administrative staff, allows the clinic to meet the most stringent requirements for clinical research centers. The Spizhenko Clinic constantly improves its work, taking part in clinical studies of leading companies, the list of which is constantly expanding. This simplifies the access of Clinic patients to innovative medical achievements.

What are the current clinical trials?

Клинические исследования в Украине — Клиника Спиженко

Clinical studies for patients of the Spizhenko Clinic are open for the following diseases:

  • progressing triple negative breast cancer;
  • non-small cell lung cancer;
  • previously untreated locally recurrent inoperable or metastatic triple negative breast cancer.