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Chemotherapy Treatment Center

Modern chemotherapy is a set of individual methods of cancer treatment, which uses the introduction of various drugs into the human body. Among the main components of drug treatment in modern oncology, a targeted therapy (drugs affect a specific type of tumor cells), immunotherapy (drugs that stimulate the natural mechanism of destruction of tumor cells are injected into the body), and chemotherapy (which is based on destructive effects on rapidly dividing cells of the tumor) are customary allocated.

Центр химиотерапии Клиники Спиженко — лечим опухоли компетентно, профессионально, эффективно

Chemotherapy is a part of an effective combined treatment

The effectiveness of modern standards of cancer care is based on a combination of different methods of treating tumor diseases. Therefore, in the Spizhenko clinic, a consultation of physicians of various specialties determines the tactics of treatment for each specific case, including surgical/neurosurgical treatment, radiotherapy (radiosurgery and radiotherapy, electron beam therapy), chemotherapy, the use of targeted drugs and immunotherapy.

Chemotherapy can be used as the main and even the only treatment to reduce the size of the tumor before surgical or radiosurgical intervention (neoadjuvant, preoperative or primary chemotherapy) or be performed after radical treatment to combat possible distant metastases (adjuvant chemotherapy).

In the Surgery Center of the Spizhenko Clinic, the patients of the Chemotherapy Center are offered the installation of a hypodermic port for intravenous administration of medications that simplifies the long-term administration of drugs and protects the veins from multiple punctures in case if the chemotherapy lasts more than 7-10 days.

Modern chemotherapy — personalized treatment

At the Chemotherapy Center of the Spizhenko Clinic, the treatment program is selected individually, based on the location (localization) of the tumor, its type, the patient’s condition and many other indicators. The unique nature of the oncological care offered to patients is the ability to supplement the treatment of drug therapy with the capabilities of the CyberKnife radiosurgery system, modern radiation therapy and organ-preserving surgery.

Patients of the Clinic are offered the full range of drugs and the required diagnostic studies for the selection of an individual chemotherapy program, that are included in the treatment of the world’s leading cancer centers, while keeping the cost of treatment optimal, thanks to effective partnership with the best diagnostic laboratories and distributors of medications.

Preparing for chemotherapy

For the effectiveness of chemotherapy it is important not only to make an accurately diagnose (including determining the exact type of tumor), but also to choose the most effective drug (when planning treatment at the Spizhenko Clinic, the recommendations of the leading world cancer societies of the USA and Europe — NCCN, ASCO, ESMO are taken into account). It is also important to accurately calculate the schedule and dose of administration of chemotherapy drugs, as well as control of each preparation (dilution) of the drug.

Spizhenko Clinic offers patients and their attendants the opportunity to control personally the preparation of each dose of chemotherapy drugs in a specially equipped room (the name and originality of the drug, the correspondence of the dose indicated in the appointment and prepared for administration, etc.).

Target therapy in the Spizhenko Clinic

Target therapy assumes that these drugs target certain parts of cancer cells that make them different from other healthy cells, while leaving most healthy cells alone. The target for the targeted therapy may be a receptor on the cell surface, a specific enzyme or growth factor of the vessels, a mutation in the gene. The targeted drug acts on a specific substrate found in tumor tissue (that is not characteristic of normal cells), thereby providing high selectivity and relatively low toxicity of treatment.

The development of targeted drugs has become possible due to the study of the fundamental molecular mechanisms that underlie tumor growth. The development of science in this direction leads to the appearance of new molecules, which can be used in targeted tumors therapy. The production of such drugs as monoclonal antibodies and small molecules is a high-tech process, which leads to a fairly high cost. Such drags could block or turn off chemical signals, change proteins within the cancer cells, stop making new blood vessels to feed the cancer cells and carry toxins to the cancer cells.

Target therapy in the Spizhenko Clinic is used as an independent type of treatment, as well as in combination with chemotherapy, significantly increasing its effectiveness. A new type of immunotherapy for malignant tumors, inhibitors of immune control points, can be attributed to targeted therapy. The targets for these drugs are the regulatory immune cells that interact with the tumor cells. The result of their impact may be changes in the tumor microenvironment, leading to regression of the tumor under the influence of immune mechanisms.

Clinical research is an indispensable attribute of modern treatment of tumors

In addition, we take an active part in world clinical trials, which allows patients in some cases to receive free treatment with the most modern drugs.

Treatment should not only be effective, but also comfortable

At the Chemotherapy Center of the Spizhenko Clinic we care not only about the effectiveness of treatment, but also about the comfort of our patients. Modern systems for the drugs introduction, comfortable special chairs and beds, the possibility of being accompanied by relatives, the design of the interior of all the buildings of the Clinic allow to reduce the emotional burden on the patient, and concentrate on the most important — the fight against cancer.

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