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Center of Neurosurgery

A treatment of brain tumors is a significant part of the work of the modern oncology center. To make the oncological care more effective and individual, the neurosurgery specialists should take into account all the features of a specific case and select from a number of modern methods of treatment such a combination of them that will be optimal for the patient, depending on the different types of brain cancer and benign tumors, different localization and stage.

Modern neurosurgery of brain tumors is one of the most conservative branches of medicine. For the accuracy of the diagnosis and subsequent treatment, it is not enough to determine only the presence and size of the tumor in the brain, it is necessary to accurately determine the type of tumor cells based on a combination of various symptoms and, if possible, by taking a part of the tumor (if it is located in a place convenient for safe access). And only then treatment is prescribed.

Innovative treatment of brain tumors in the Spizhenko Clinic

But at the same time neurosurgery is a branch of oncology, the most armed with new achievements of scientific and technical progress. One of the most significant stage of its development was the invention of radiosurgery, which, after passing through several stages of its improvement (some of the older methods of its implementation can still be found, for example, the Gamma Knife), led to the CyberKnife creation. Nowadays, CyberKnife is a «Gold standard» in the world’s leading protocols for the treatment of brain tumors. Despite the fact that CyberKnife allows treating various types of brain cancer remotely without surgery, preparation, planning and conducting of treatment with CyberKnife includes the mandatory participation of a neurosurgery specialist.

The qualification of the specialists of the Center of Neurosurgery of the Spizhenko Clinic meets the modern requirements for neurosurgeons. When choosing the tactics of treatment the need of treating a brain cancer or its benign tumor should be taken into account, as well as the patient’s quality of life upon a completion of the treatment.

The whole spectrum of modern methods is available for the patients of the Spizhenko Clinic (radiosurgery (CyberKnife), radiotherapy (linear accelerator), chemotherapy and neurosurgery), and performed by using modern sparing methods with innovative equipment and materials.

The greatest effect is provided by a personified combined treatment of brain tumors, which includes several different methods.

The Spizhenko Clinic — we treat not only tumors

Neonological diseases treatment (neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve, AVM, cavernoma, etc.), is a separate direction of the Center for Neurosurgery of the Spizhenko Clinic, which is performed in cooperation with CyberKnife capabilities installed in our Radiosurgery Center.

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