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Center for Radiation Therapy

In contrast to the radiosurgery with the CyberKnife robotic system presented in the Spizhenko Clinic, radiation therapy of tumors (radiotherapy, radiation treatment) has a number of features that do not compete with the capabilities of the CyberKnife, but complement the methods available to radiotherapists of the Clinic to achieve greater efficacy in treating patients.

The technical side of effective radiotherapy in the Spizhenko Clinic is provided by the modern linear accelerator Elekta Synergy, which allows to conduct the radiotherapy with modulated intensity (IMRT). This technology provides a uniform delivery of the dose of ionizing radiation to the tumor volume without irradiation of surrounding healthy tissues.

How is radiotherapy performed at the Spizhenko Clinic?

The creation of a treatment plan based on a digital three-dimensional (3D) model of the location of tumor with the help of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and contributes to the precise operation of the linear accelerator. After the boundary between the tumor and healthy tissues is defined, the values of the radiation dose, necessary for treating a particular type of tumor cells, are determined. At the same time, zones, in which the irradiation fields are inadmissible, are indicated.

When the required doses that need to be delivered to the tumor and the limitations are set, a powerful computer system decomposes the total dose in the required volume of the tumor into separate fields (rays), which can have different shapes. The accumulation of a therapeutic dose occurs at the intersection of such fields. It is destructive for tumor tissue, while healthy tissues are traditionally more resistant to the effects of ionizing radiation.

Thus, radiation therapy at the Spizhenko Clinic is a more effective and safer method of tumors treating than irradiation with cobalt on an outdated design devices or linear accelerators that do not have the capacity to conduct IMRT-radiation therapy.

Electron beam therapy (EBT) is an additional advantage for patients of the Spizhenko Clinic

A possibility of radiation therapy by various types of elementary particles (photons and electrons) is an important feature of our equipment for radiotherapy. Photon energy is used to treat tumor in a classical radiation therapy, while electrons do not penetrate deep into the body, but have the maximum energy in the surface layers of the skin. After the treatment with electrons there are no visible traces on the skin where were sites of tumor lesions.

Center for Radiation Therapy

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Due to these properties, electron therapy has become an alternative to surgical methods of treatment, especially in the treatment of skin tumors located in the face (eyelid tumors, cheeks, nose, and those tumors that are located on a visible parts of the body — lip cancer, vulva cancer etc.).

The wide application of the capabilities of modern equipment has made it possible to increase the effectiveness of electron beam therapy for skin cancer at the Spizhenko Clinic to the indices of the leading oncological centers of the world. In the case of basal cell carcinoma, the effectiveness of the treatment course is close to 100%.

Is it possible to combine radiation therapy with other methods of cancer treatment?

Thanks to the ability to combine radiotherapy with the CyberKnife radiosurgery system treatment, surgery and medical treatment of cancer (targeted therapy, immunotherapy, chemotherapy), oncologists at the Spizhenko Clinic have the opportunity to select individually the most effective and, at the same time, the most sparing program for the complex therapy. This helps to resolve the question not only of quality treatment, but also the quality of life of the patient after a joint victory over the disease.

But the main guarantee of a success in the fight against cancer is a timely treatment. Sign up at the Clinic Spizhenko now!