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Breast care cancer center (centre for mammology)

Unlike most other tumors, breast cancer can start to be treated before it occurs since there is a possibility to recognize your potential risk and catch the disease before it strikes. Considering how often breast cancer is found all over the world, modern oncology has a number of opportunities to identify breast cancer at an early stage and begin the most effective treatment.

A breast care cancer centre of the Spizhenko Clinic offers an end-to-end care pathway for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Every woman who decided to take care of her health together with our specialists gets an individual program of primary and regular preventive examination. Taking into account such data as age, family’s medical history (that can be one of the first lines of defense in preventing cancer), inherited genetic mutations, the presence of children and a number of other indicators, the mammologist forms a «package» of necessary studies and participates in monitoring the patient’s health throughout the duration of the collaboration.

Prevention and early detection are the best breast cancer protection

Breast care cancer centerMost of the preventive measures include mammography, ultrasound and MRI of the mammary glands, and laboratory studies, including the study of the genetic predisposition to the disease. All studies are performed in strict accordance with the protocols that are the «gold standard» in the world medicine. This factor excludes the appointment of excessive diagnostics and protects patients in case of a false positive diagnosis for any of indicators.

Regardless of where the patient’s breast cancer was diagnosed (in the Spizhenko Clinic or any other medical center), our doctors, after accurate confirmation of the presence, location and type of tumor, will start to fight for the patient’s health by applying all the modern methods of the breast cancer treatment.

Combination of methods of the breast cancer treatment

The best results are achieved by using programs of complex breast cancer treatment by mammologists worldwide. These programs include organ-preserving surgery, radiotherapy at the border of the tumor with a healthy tissue, complex chemotherapy against possible micrometastasis, radiosurgical treatment of some large metastases of breast cancer with a help of the CyberKnife.

The Spizhenko Clinic offers to its patients a combination of all of these methods, accepted in the best oncological centers of the world.

Accurate diagnosis of breast cancer improves the quality of treatment

Breast care cancer centerOur Clinic pays a great attention to such an important aspect of the treatment of breast cancer as the choice of strategy and treatment methods based on the on the reliability of the determination of the tumor’s type and its peculiarities. In particular, the exact genetic typing, carried out in collaboration with the world’s leading laboratories, allows the selection of a drug for the breast cancer treatment with high accuracy, taking into account the sensitivity of the tumor’s type.